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Hello Internet friends!

It has been too long, sorry about that!

The thing is…I got invited to partake in a Christmas (already!) market with my little heroes. I am so excited and grateful! BUT! What I make, I give or I sell, which means I have no inventory whatsoever, so I’ve been crocheting tiny heroes every day for a week. That’s all I do!

My day goes:

  • Wake up;
  • Check my emails/University schedule;
  • Go to work;
  • Crochet during lunch time;
  • Get back from work/Crochet;
  • Hope my Pudding makes dinner/eat;
  • Crochet;
  • Sleep.

(Don’t worry people, I do put my studies before everything else (except for my relationship (yes, it is indeed more important than anything in my life))) I live for the triple parenthesis!

I thought the least I could do would be to update you on what’s going on and show you what I’ve been working on.


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#CrochetHero #Marvel #Storm

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Iron Man



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Mon petit "thorieux" #OkBye #CrochetHero #Thor #Marvel

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Harley Quinn

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Harley Quinn #crochet

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Hulk #crochet #Marvel #CrochetHero #Amigurumi

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Captain America




The Joker


I also made a Poison Ivy, but I got a new cell phone this day and it was updating and stuff, so I only have a preview:


Bye now!



Beast X-Men #FreePattern


Now you guys get to test it!

It was not proofed. I know, I know, these patterns usually suck. But I promise I’ll be around here, or on my Facebook page 24/7 to answer any question you might have. (You know I actually have to sleep and work at some point, right?)

My first pattern was written for Beast from X-Men. I thought it was simple enough with an interesting twist (the hair). It’s my own original idea and I hope you like it because I work really hard to come up with my own designs.

So, here it is: Beast pattern

Beast X-Men

Feel free to tell me what you think of my pattern, what you would change, if you think it’s hard to follow, etc.  Please, oh please contact me!

Have a very good day!


Perfect balls

Crochet makes you say « balls » a lot, doesn’t it?

Well, anyway, I found this awesome blog post about making perfect round balls (she uses the word « sphere » but where’s the fun?). It is a bit annoying to read each and every line (because there’s no repeating the same row in trying to obtain a perfect « sphere »), but it is so worth it. They truly are perfect.

Her post charmed my little Pouding as he studies advanced math at Concordia U. You should read it even if you don’t like crochet, it is very interesting.

The « 12 row sphere » is the one I use for the head of every little crochet hero.

So, I’m sorry I don’t have patterns for you (yet), but now at least, you have the secret to every head I make.

Oh,  and I sold my first hero. It didn’t even have the chance to go on Etsy. Actually, I didn’t even have the time to take a good picture and it was sold.

I worked SO hard on this Wonder Woman, but it was worth it (I think). I’ll take better pictures this weekend before it goes home to its new mom and you’ll see them in a future post about attaching hair and working with tiny details.

And finally, it’s been awhile since I made a good tv recommandation, so I’ll give you 2.

1: Scandal. It’s extremely dramatic (hello Shonda Rhimes), but it’s also very good.

2: Parks and recreation (Parks and rec pour les intimes). It’s funny, light, dumb and awesome.

See you next week internet friends!


Geeky needle pin cushion

Good day internet friends!

I asked on my Facebook page if you could tell who this little guy was. I thought no one would get it. WRONG. They know their Final Fantasy.

A while ago, I saw a smily cactus needle pin holder and I thought it was the cutest thing for a seamstress, but since I know nothing about sewing and I certainly didn’t own any needle pins, I pinned it and forgot about it.

Then, I realised that sewing my tiny pieces of little heroes together was MUCH easier with  needle pins. Like…it’s a new era for me.  So, I went to the dollar store and bought a ton of them (does it come in any other size?).

Finally, I had a reason to make the little smily cactus/needle pin holder! OMG, it was a good day. (Plus, I found a gold extension cord at the dollar store and it simply made my day!) #irrelevant

I had attached one arm to the little guy, and my little Pudding™ asked if I was making a Cactusar. Here’s what happened in my head:

« Damn, it’s such a good idea. Why didn’t I think of it? Maybe I’ll just tell him that’s exactly what I am making, thank you. »

So yeah, it was his idea, thank you Mr. Pudding. I love my cactusar.

You can make it yourself!


Row 1: Magic circle 6

Row 2: Inc x 6 (12)

Row 3: *Inc, SC 1*, repeat (18)

Row 4: *Inc, SC 2 * , repeat (24)

Row 5: *Inc, SC 3*, repeat (30)

Row 6-20: SC around (30)

Row 21: *Dec, SC 3*, repeat (24)

Row 22: *Dec, SC 2*, repeat (18)

(Begin stuffing. I used a little bit of pellets for the bottom to make it stand on its own. Use polyester for the rest)

Row 23: *Dec, SC 1*, repeat (12)

Row 24: Dec until close

Arms (make 2)

Row 1: Magic circle 5

Row 2: Inc x 5 (10)

Row 3-12: SC around (10)

(Mark 1st stitch)

Row 13: Dec x 2, Sc, Inc x 4, Sc (12)

Row 14: Dec x 3, Sc x 1, Inc x 3, Sc x 2 (12)

Row 15: Dec x 2, Sc around (10)

Row 16-18: SC around (10)

Stuff and F/O  (leaving tail for sewing)

Sew 1 arm right side up and 1 arm upside down.


Ch 3

Starting 2nd chain from hook, SC in 2 ch.

F/O (leaving tail for sewing)


Ch 4

Starting 2nd chain from hook, SC in 3 ch.

F/O (leaving tail for sewing)







It’sa meeee Marrriooo

Oh Alexe, whatever will you talk about in this Ô so mysterious blog?

I made a tiny tiny Mario.

Sorry, I don’t have a pattern, I just wanted to show you.

Part 1, over.


I’ve been reading on « how to open a shop on Etsy ».

It’s exciting right? I’m starting to read about how to open a well structured shop on Etsy, so it must mean I’m close to opening it…Nope. One does not simply put pictures of her stuff for sell. It’s not eBay!

There’s just so much to think of. I have to go talk to someone at Postes Canada to see what would be the best way to ship these little buddies for the best price possible.

I have to take really good pictures of my crocheted heroes, so I am making a homemade light box. I mean, I know you need to spend money to make money, but I shall spend wisely on things I can’t make with my own hands.

Plus, I need to write my policies. I know you guys are great and wouldn’t try to cause me any trouble, but I’d feel safer. Let me tell you a little story of why I’m gonna have policies and I’m gonna stick to them: I made a bracelet once for a friend of a friend. It was made with rat tail and chain. It was solid, but rat tail being what it is started to fray. I mean, she wore it 24/7, in the shower and everything. Anyways, I had to « fix » it twice. Really, I had to make 2 new bracelets for nothing. It sucked. I hate making things for people I kinda know, I’m never ever doing it again.

Let’s not forget I have to have….SOMETHING TO SELL! Between my boyfriend being a big baby wanting to keep them all for himself, my little « hide and seek » project and my secret baby project, I haven’t been able to build a good inventory.

So, I’m sorry I haven’t been writing alot in the past week, but I’m working on this, working on my little heroes, and working on 3 special requests (which I don’t usually like to do, but these are fun challenges, so…) Plus, it was El Popotino’s birthday pool party last weekend. I’m getting so old, I’m still recovering.

Thanks for reading! See you soon!




Where are you Oliver?

So. Our first try went…meh!

For those of you who don’t know yet, I’m making little crochet heroes, I hide them in the city (of Montréal) and I hope for people who find them to send me a picture or a little word.

Why, you ask?!

Just for fun. I think finding something random is fun and it usually makes a good story. It could brighten someone’s day. It could give them that 15$ they needed to eat (if they decide to sell it). I don’t know, but I don’t think it can hurt to put some love out there!

I do crochet with all my heart.

Anyway. We hid Oliver/The Arrow at Cinema Banque Scotia downtown MTL in one of the self-serving ticket machine no one thinks of using cause it’s upstairs.

We had so much fun watching the reactions. We saw 2. Both couldn’t care less. -_-

He wasn’t there after our movie, so I thought I would have a message or something…NOTHING.

Later that night, I had a post on my page from someone who saw it, but regretted not taking it.


Oh well, we’re trying again TONIGHT!!!

Stay tuned!


Too excited for a title aka look how awesome my mom is

Where to start, where to start….

Well, as I said on my Facebook page, I did slow down on my production. Nothing to worry about, I was just busy being lazy at the family lake house. (Sounds so fancy. It’s actually a crooked shack, but there’s running water (no, not the lake you arrogant piece of cookie) and electricity.) Then we brought back Rock Band and that’s it.

Before I started my amigurumi phase, I was working on a little project for my mom. It’s a lost souls shawls. My mom is no ordinary mom! I didn’t take any picture of the final product cause I really wanted to see it on her first.

Lucky for you, she agreed to play St-Ferdinand’s next top model for me!

Work it, mom!

Châle2 (1 of 1) Châle3 (1 of 1) Châle4 (1 of 1)

My favorite

Châle6 (1 of 1)

But, wait, Alexe, can I do it myself?

Yes, yes you can! Here is the pattern. It takes a while to memorize it, but once you know it, it’s so simple and fast.

You’ll need

  • 3-4 skeins of Caron Simply Soft grey (or any other color) yarn (Why won’t you sponsor me?!)
  • 4.5 mm hook
  • Yarn needle

Entertainment suggestion

Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D. season 1 and 2.

The shawl won’t take that long to make, but it seems fitting. Skulls, inhumans, you know?!

dead souls

(I wore it as a scarf once…but shhhh)


The day I forgot how to breathe #TrueStory

We all cope with stress in our own way and our bodies all react in different ways. Me, I forget how to breathe. It’s called « shallow breathing » (basically, I breathe from the chest, which is not good.)

So, when I’m anxious, I literally forget how to breathe during the day, because I concentrate so much on my breathing that it makes it unnatural. This is how crochet helps me. When I crochet, I have to count my rounds, think about my pattern, think about how I hold my yarn wrong and I start to breathe normal again since my mind is too busy to think about breathing.

I truly believe that crochet is better than any medication I could take to calm my nerves. It’s a simple, healthy and cheap way to live better. Plus, I make cute stuff and it fills my heart with joy! (If it could only fill my pockets with money!)

That’s why, 100 weeks ago (I don’t KNOW that it’s exactly 100 weeks ago, but it’s close enough and it looks more like a special event worth mentionning on a blog), I started to crochet and I never stopped.


Here’s what you need to know before you start:

1: You can learn EVERYTHING on the internet. Youtube and Pinterest are your best friends. (I am a lefty and I had the hardest time understanding how to hold my crochet and yarn. I still don’t hold them right, but it doesn’t matter, I learned.)

2: Don’t buy any of the expensive books. (See point 1) The crochet + knitting community is big and so happy to help beginners.

3: If you are going to make amigurumis, buy cheap and small yarn (cotton or acrylic), and only 2-3 crochet sizes. (3.5, 4.5, 5.5). I have all sizes and I only use these 3. Buy metal or wood, plastic is annoying. You will need a yarn needle.

4: Amigurumi is a great way to start. Feel free to check out my Pinterest board. You’ll find a ton of free patterns and tips ‘n tricks in there.

5: It’s easier than it looks. It took me 1 year (10-12 projects) to get comfortable with every stitch + another year to feel confident enough to create my own patterns. It looks like it took a long time, but I didn’t crochet every week like I do now. My first amigurumi was almost flawless.

Here are a few IG pictures of my beginnings.

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Je veux que @mnemosynz soit au chaud cet hiver!

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Ma trousse de crocheteuse, Dexter style

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Almost done!

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Don’t worry, crochet, and be happy!


Instagram week recap

Good monday to you!

I had a pretty bad end of the week. My anxiety went up the roof. One day, I’ll tell you how crochet usually helps when this happens. (Not this time, but my boyfriend (from now on, I’ll call him El Popotino.I annoy myself. « We get it Alexe, you have a boyfriend. Congrats. ») told me it had something to do with the blue moon. So, there are no other fun pictures in my IG as I did nothing but crochet, watch Gilmore Girls, eat and cry. (You can laugh, it is pathetically funny)

Friday night was awesome though. We went to the movies. Double program: Mission impossible and Ant-Man. It was per-fec-tion. I said yes to Mission Impossible like: « yeah yeah whatevz, as long as I see enough of Simon Pegg ». Oh my oh my, was it the best MI ever or what?! And Ant-Man was very good too.

The rest of the Instagram recap is only a preview of what’s coming up on the blog. If you follow me on Facebook, you probably saw a few of these pictures already.

Here’s what I did!

It all started when I found a design I liked for our little secret (not so secret) project. Now, I did not use her pattern. Her dolls are way too big for what I want, but I really liked the simplicity of the look and how easy it was to adapt to other mini-heroes. So, I created my own pattern. Since my Flash looks a lot like hers, I won’t share my pattern (even though they are probably very different), but I will share my Chewbacca and Deadpool pattern.


Then, I had my Facebook friends guess what this very specific green was for. They needed the second picture. Sorry guys, I will make a Hulk someday, but this was not it. I did not take a picture of the final product just yet as I want to write a post on this little guy. #HowYouDoin’Oliver


I had a special request for a Chewbacca. I’m still in my Marvel/DC phase, but there will be a Princess Leia, a storm trooper, a Darth Vader, etc.


Now, this one is my favorite little guy of all time. I’m really happy with the result. El Popotino surprised me with a visit to Michael’s. They had a 40% coupon off the entire purchase. Anyways, I made him a Deadpool so he can carry him to the movie when it comes out.


Finally, I started a helmet for Magneto. Still not using a pattern, so I tried it on Chewbacca. Thanks for modeling Chewie.



Black-white-gold(ish) blanket #HonestTitle

When we first moved in, I was so glad to have my own office/craft room. It was big enough to fit my old kitchen table that could be used as a desk or…a craft table. I kept my four chairs plus my office chair. It was AWE-SOME.

Annnnnd, I never went. I mean. Never. My table and chairs were great for drying clothes (as it is adjacent to the laundry room). Suddently, I thought it was impractical, it took too much space and I simply had to have my own office for school. So we found a old desk top + tresltes and painted them glossy white and gold. So Pinterest. So pretty. I had a glossy black bookcase. It was decided, my office would be black, white and gold.

I got rid of the table and chairs, but I kept my office chair, which is extremely comfy, but also extremely GREY. GREY! In my black-white-gold-office. I couldn’t take it. So I made this to cover it up. (will work on covering the arms)

blanket3 (1 of 1)
The title says gold(ish) cause let’s face it…it’s bronze.
blanket2 (1 of 1)
At least the white is very white and the black very black.

I don’t believe I used a pattern, but here are the basics to chevronning.

I do know I used 1 cheap 10$/750 yds skein of worsted weight yarn from Michael’s brand for both black and white + 1 not so cheap metallic gold (yeah right) skein from Patons.

5.5 mm hook.

Entertainment suggestion

To make this, you’re gonna need a 7 seasons/42 minutes episode show. It won’t take you 7 seasons to make, but time will fly if you watch…


All 7 seasons are on Netflix.

Best TV show on earth (don’t judge, I promise to suggest Breaking Bad next time (which I believe is what I watched while making this…))

Oy with the poodles already!