First post #HonestTitle

I’ll make it short for you guys.

1st: My first language is French. French Canadian. Québécois, and I wish I could write this blog in French only, cause sincerely, my French is flawless. However, I have to settle for English (which is very flawed) because I’ll never write about French TV, and I don’t understand French crochet patterns. Please be patient, I’ll take every advice on how to improve myself.

2nd: This is about crochet and TV. Two passions. I also bake, make jewelry, play the piano, read, study, have and amazing boyfriend, wish to have a pug and have way to many things on my plate, but is there any other way to live your life?

3rd: Why « Trust no stitch »? Orange is the new black season 3 inspired me. I shall write my second post about this third season and the project I made while watching it. This name is a melting pot of « stitch and bitch », « trust no bitch »and an fun wordplays with my boyfriend.

To sum up, I will try to write my patterns, I will share my inspirations and I will give credit where credit is due. I really wanted to create a platform where I could share my crochet creations with the entire world (on Pinterest). Plus, since I live in Montreal, I’ll try to share good spots to buy yarn and what brands we can use to substitute the ones suggested by our fellow neighbors from the south that are unfortunately unavailable (or way overpriced) in our beautiful country.

Keep on crocheting! 🙂






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