PSYCHed for Sleepy fox

Horrible word plays are my forte apparently. #SorryNotSorry #HorribleTitle

So, I made this ADORABLE white sleepy fox.11201864_10155802373920611_5218394188532227623_n

(I’ll try to take better pictures in the future. Yes, it is stucco on the wall. -_-)


I followed this pattern found on Ravelry and I added my little touch. Fox’s fur is very very soft and fluffy so I brushed my little amigurumi’s tail to make it softer. (I used a metal brush for dogs found at the dollar store)


  • Crochet: 3.5mm
  • Yarn:
    • Caron Simply Soft – White
    • Scrap worsted black yarn
  • Metal brush
  • Yarn needle


While making this little foxy crocheted friend, I watched a few episodes of the serie Psych. Netflix kept suggesting I watch it, we were mourning our last episode of Suits, and I wanted to watch something light. There are 8 seasons on Netflix, how bad can it be?

It’s pretty good, very light (as we wanted), the main characters are charismatic and you can skip a few episodes without missing out on the intrigue.

Binge watchable? No, but still good.

I’ll gladly answer any question you may have on the pattern.

Happy crochet!




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