Why I pay for patterns #HonestTitle

I wanted to make something for my mother in law. I browsed Pinterest with my boyfriend to decide on a pattern and of course, he chose the cutest one…and it was not free. I told him I paid for patterns quite frequently, much to his surprise.

When I first started, I didn’t understand why people paid for patterns when you could easily find one for free if you searched long enough.

Well, now I understand (Said with the enthousiasm of the lady who finally understands English (254-6011)) (You gotta live in Quebec to get it).

1. Respect

Creating a pattern takes imagination, hard work and so much creativity. Respect the artist. It’s hard enough to not be able to make a living out of your passion

2. Time is money

I never bought the elephant pattern my boyfriend chose. I thought it looked simple enough and I could make do without a pattern.

I started with the head. EA-SY! I was on a roll!

Now for the body, it had to match his big head. Obviously.

  • First mistake. I didn’t consider the arms and feet. Now he’s « Tiny Head » #Brooklyn99 #BestEpisodeEVER

Tiny HEad

  • Second mistake: The double parts. I made one ear, many INC, many DEC, many turns in between and I.didn’t.take.notes. #RookieMistake So the ears are uneven. Whatever, crafting life you know…

My point is, creating a pattern takes so much time and concentration and many mistakes, it has to be worth something.

3. Did you know that…

… the creators actually pay people to test their patterns? Whaaaat? Oh, it’s a thing. Ok, most of them pay with « free pattern at the end », but still, they make an investment that they have to repay and I respect that!


I know my first point is « respect the artist », but you have to know that it is no disrespect to sell a finished item made with the help of a pattern. It is also NOT against the law to do so. Don’t let anyone bully you into thinking otherwise. However, you cannot sell a pattern as your own. It’s called plagiarism.

As a thank you for reading this, here’s the hot mess I left in my living room last night.





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