Got tiny balls…of yarn

You’ll get use to my sense of humor…I hope.

* This is a 2 part article. The thing is, I wrote it after finishing the little red one. I liked the result, it’s the cutest thing, but I was not proud of my sewing…I don’t actually sell any of my projects, but I need to know I could. So, I thought about it all day and came up with my own pattern, which would be part 2.*

My boyfriend buys most of his work shirts at the thrift store. Don’t know why, but the men’s clothes section is filled with new shirts/pants (sometimes with the tag still on). Good brands too.

Anyways, we spend a lot of time there. I rarely shop for clothes, so most of the time, I let him do his thing and I go to the MARVELOUS miscellaneous section, where I always find yarn. Or kitchen stuff.

One day, I found a box full of scrap yarn for 1$. I thought it would be perfect for my amigurumis. I then forced my boyfriend to have a super ball making evening. (He’s so sweet) I usually get that box out for tiny parts of amigurumis, but yesterday, I saw Twinkie Chan’s gummy bears! I simply had to make tons of them!

First Twinkie Chan pattern gummy bear + tiny balls
First Twinkie Chan pattern gummy bear + tiny balls

There was too much sewing for my taste (and capacities) in her pattern, so, I made my own. Instead of making 2 flat pieces, simply crochet in « oval » (which is just like in rounds except for the first « row-round-oval »)

– CH 8

Round 1

– SC in 2nd chain from hook, 3 SC in last stitch.

– SC all the way on the other side of foundation chain. (18 stitches)

(She explains it so well!)

Round 2 to 14

– SC all around (18)


(I improvised for the close, I guess you could sew it shut, but I used a mixture of SC with opposite side + Slip stitches)

You can use her pattern for the rest, however, if you use my method, adjust your arms and legs as they might seem too big. I made mine slightly smaller. Smaller nose too. Also, I used magic circles.

There you go, much less sewing!

Gummy bear made with new pattern
Gummy bear made with new pattern

What did we watch?!

Mr.Robot. (My boyfriend can’t stop calling it Mr.Big. I didn’t know he was such a big fan of Sex and the City before this, I swear!)

New show on USA network. I think it plays after Suits.

There are only 5 episodes. It’s intriguing. And weird. SO WEIRD. Yesterday, I asked if we were watching a remake of Requiem for a Dream. All in all, it has so much potential.

Gummy bears + unfinished Nessie
Gummy bears + unfinished Nessie





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