2,99$/1 hour basket (to hide stuff)

I told you about my thrift store (it’s actually a Value Village) addiction. This time, I made a trip especially for yarn. I NEEDED a project, but we’re broke, so I told my boyfriend I’d make do with 4$. (Not that we only have 4$, but it was all I had in spare change)

I really wanted to try t-shirt yarn. I always crochet with very thin and very soft yarn and MAX 5.5mm hooks.

Anyways, I found a bag of t-shirt (it’s more of a swimsuit fabric) yarn for 2,99$. We went home, I made food for the week, did just enough stuff in the house to not feel guilty about sitting down and crochet and went on Pinterest.

I chained, and chained, made a row, and another, thought this would be soooo heavy as a scarf, and too stiff for a hat. Didn’t have enough for a rug, so I turned to a simple but very cute basket that doesn’t match any room in my house, but oh well.

Even those pictures of hers are getting better (reading your mind)
« Even those pictures of hers are getting better » – Fearless reader

Honestly, if you are an intermediate crocheter, you won’t need a pattern for this, but if you are a beginner, here’s how it’s done.

Extra chunky yarn. Or t-shirt yarn. Or swimsuit yarn (it’s a thing now)

Crochet: 10mm (I used 8mm because I was to lazy to look for my 10 mm)

HDC 8 in Magic circle (I learned it from her!)

Round 1: 2HDC in each stich (16)

Round 2: [2HDC in same stitch (inc), 1 HDC], repeat (24)

Round 3: [2HDC in same stitch (inc), 2HDC], repeat (32)

Round 4: [2HDC in same stitch (inc), 3HDC], repeat (40)

Round 5: [2HDC in same stitch (inc), 4HDC], repeat (48)

Round 6 to 10: HDC around (48)

Change color

Round 11 to 16: HDC around (48)

Suggested entertainment

We watched…Bojack Horseman!

Whaaaaaaaaaaaa? It’s so unlike you, Alexe.

Yeah, well, Aaron Paul.  (And I still can’t believe Will Arnett has such a deep voice!) Plus, both opening and credit themes are great.

No kidding, it’s very good, very well written, it’s a Netflix original, plus you can hear Lisa Kudrow in season 2! (Friends fanatic here! Look, I even have a mug. (two mugs))

Happy crochet (and TV) dear friends!




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