Black-white-gold(ish) blanket #HonestTitle

When we first moved in, I was so glad to have my own office/craft room. It was big enough to fit my old kitchen table that could be used as a desk or…a craft table. I kept my four chairs plus my office chair. It was AWE-SOME.

Annnnnd, I never went. I mean. Never. My table and chairs were great for drying clothes (as it is adjacent to the laundry room). Suddently, I thought it was impractical, it took too much space and I simply had to have my own office for school. So we found a old desk top + tresltes and painted them glossy white and gold. So Pinterest. So pretty. I had a glossy black bookcase. It was decided, my office would be black, white and gold.

I got rid of the table and chairs, but I kept my office chair, which is extremely comfy, but also extremely GREY. GREY! In my black-white-gold-office. I couldn’t take it. So I made this to cover it up. (will work on covering the arms)

blanket3 (1 of 1)
The title says gold(ish) cause let’s face it…it’s bronze.
blanket2 (1 of 1)
At least the white is very white and the black very black.

I don’t believe I used a pattern, but here are the basics to chevronning.

I do know I used 1 cheap 10$/750 yds skein of worsted weight yarn from Michael’s brand for both black and white + 1 not so cheap metallic gold (yeah right) skein from Patons.

5.5 mm hook.

Entertainment suggestion

To make this, you’re gonna need a 7 seasons/42 minutes episode show. It won’t take you 7 seasons to make, but time will fly if you watch…


All 7 seasons are on Netflix.

Best TV show on earth (don’t judge, I promise to suggest Breaking Bad next time (which I believe is what I watched while making this…))

Oy with the poodles already!




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