Instagram week recap

Good monday to you!

I had a pretty bad end of the week. My anxiety went up the roof. One day, I’ll tell you how crochet usually helps when this happens. (Not this time, but my boyfriend (from now on, I’ll call him El Popotino.I annoy myself. « We get it Alexe, you have a boyfriend. Congrats. ») told me it had something to do with the blue moon. So, there are no other fun pictures in my IG as I did nothing but crochet, watch Gilmore Girls, eat and cry. (You can laugh, it is pathetically funny)

Friday night was awesome though. We went to the movies. Double program: Mission impossible and Ant-Man. It was per-fec-tion. I said yes to Mission Impossible like: « yeah yeah whatevz, as long as I see enough of Simon Pegg ». Oh my oh my, was it the best MI ever or what?! And Ant-Man was very good too.

The rest of the Instagram recap is only a preview of what’s coming up on the blog. If you follow me on Facebook, you probably saw a few of these pictures already.

Here’s what I did!

It all started when I found a design I liked for our little secret (not so secret) project. Now, I did not use her pattern. Her dolls are way too big for what I want, but I really liked the simplicity of the look and how easy it was to adapt to other mini-heroes. So, I created my own pattern. Since my Flash looks a lot like hers, I won’t share my pattern (even though they are probably very different), but I will share my Chewbacca and Deadpool pattern.


Then, I had my Facebook friends guess what this very specific green was for. They needed the second picture. Sorry guys, I will make a Hulk someday, but this was not it. I did not take a picture of the final product just yet as I want to write a post on this little guy. #HowYouDoin’Oliver


I had a special request for a Chewbacca. I’m still in my Marvel/DC phase, but there will be a Princess Leia, a storm trooper, a Darth Vader, etc.


Now, this one is my favorite little guy of all time. I’m really happy with the result. El Popotino surprised me with a visit to Michael’s. They had a 40% coupon off the entire purchase. Anyways, I made him a Deadpool so he can carry him to the movie when it comes out.


Finally, I started a helmet for Magneto. Still not using a pattern, so I tried it on Chewbacca. Thanks for modeling Chewie.





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