The day I forgot how to breathe #TrueStory

We all cope with stress in our own way and our bodies all react in different ways. Me, I forget how to breathe. It’s called « shallow breathing » (basically, I breathe from the chest, which is not good.)

So, when I’m anxious, I literally forget how to breathe during the day, because I concentrate so much on my breathing that it makes it unnatural. This is how crochet helps me. When I crochet, I have to count my rounds, think about my pattern, think about how I hold my yarn wrong and I start to breathe normal again since my mind is too busy to think about breathing.

I truly believe that crochet is better than any medication I could take to calm my nerves. It’s a simple, healthy and cheap way to live better. Plus, I make cute stuff and it fills my heart with joy! (If it could only fill my pockets with money!)

That’s why, 100 weeks ago (I don’t KNOW that it’s exactly 100 weeks ago, but it’s close enough and it looks more like a special event worth mentionning on a blog), I started to crochet and I never stopped.


Here’s what you need to know before you start:

1: You can learn EVERYTHING on the internet. Youtube and Pinterest are your best friends. (I am a lefty and I had the hardest time understanding how to hold my crochet and yarn. I still don’t hold them right, but it doesn’t matter, I learned.)

2: Don’t buy any of the expensive books. (See point 1) The crochet + knitting community is big and so happy to help beginners.

3: If you are going to make amigurumis, buy cheap and small yarn (cotton or acrylic), and only 2-3 crochet sizes. (3.5, 4.5, 5.5). I have all sizes and I only use these 3. Buy metal or wood, plastic is annoying. You will need a yarn needle.

4: Amigurumi is a great way to start. Feel free to check out my Pinterest board. You’ll find a ton of free patterns and tips ‘n tricks in there.

5: It’s easier than it looks. It took me 1 year (10-12 projects) to get comfortable with every stitch + another year to feel confident enough to create my own patterns. It looks like it took a long time, but I didn’t crochet every week like I do now. My first amigurumi was almost flawless.

Here are a few IG pictures of my beginnings.

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Je veux que @mnemosynz soit au chaud cet hiver!

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Ma trousse de crocheteuse, Dexter style

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Almost done!

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Don’t worry, crochet, and be happy!




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