Geeky needle pin cushion

Good day internet friends!

I asked on my Facebook page if you could tell who this little guy was. I thought no one would get it. WRONG. They know their Final Fantasy.

A while ago, I saw a smily cactus needle pin holder and I thought it was the cutest thing for a seamstress, but since I know nothing about sewing and I certainly didn’t own any needle pins, I pinned it and forgot about it.

Then, I realised that sewing my tiny pieces of little heroes together was MUCH easier with  needle pins. Like…it’s a new era for me.  So, I went to the dollar store and bought a ton of them (does it come in any other size?).

Finally, I had a reason to make the little smily cactus/needle pin holder! OMG, it was a good day. (Plus, I found a gold extension cord at the dollar store and it simply made my day!) #irrelevant

I had attached one arm to the little guy, and my little Pudding™ asked if I was making a Cactusar. Here’s what happened in my head:

« Damn, it’s such a good idea. Why didn’t I think of it? Maybe I’ll just tell him that’s exactly what I am making, thank you. »

So yeah, it was his idea, thank you Mr. Pudding. I love my cactusar.

You can make it yourself!


Row 1: Magic circle 6

Row 2: Inc x 6 (12)

Row 3: *Inc, SC 1*, repeat (18)

Row 4: *Inc, SC 2 * , repeat (24)

Row 5: *Inc, SC 3*, repeat (30)

Row 6-20: SC around (30)

Row 21: *Dec, SC 3*, repeat (24)

Row 22: *Dec, SC 2*, repeat (18)

(Begin stuffing. I used a little bit of pellets for the bottom to make it stand on its own. Use polyester for the rest)

Row 23: *Dec, SC 1*, repeat (12)

Row 24: Dec until close

Arms (make 2)

Row 1: Magic circle 5

Row 2: Inc x 5 (10)

Row 3-12: SC around (10)

(Mark 1st stitch)

Row 13: Dec x 2, Sc, Inc x 4, Sc (12)

Row 14: Dec x 3, Sc x 1, Inc x 3, Sc x 2 (12)

Row 15: Dec x 2, Sc around (10)

Row 16-18: SC around (10)

Stuff and F/O  (leaving tail for sewing)

Sew 1 arm right side up and 1 arm upside down.


Ch 3

Starting 2nd chain from hook, SC in 2 ch.

F/O (leaving tail for sewing)


Ch 4

Starting 2nd chain from hook, SC in 3 ch.

F/O (leaving tail for sewing)









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