Perfect balls

Crochet makes you say « balls » a lot, doesn’t it?

Well, anyway, I found this awesome blog post about making perfect round balls (she uses the word « sphere » but where’s the fun?). It is a bit annoying to read each and every line (because there’s no repeating the same row in trying to obtain a perfect « sphere »), but it is so worth it. They truly are perfect.

Her post charmed my little Pouding as he studies advanced math at Concordia U. You should read it even if you don’t like crochet, it is very interesting.

The « 12 row sphere » is the one I use for the head of every little crochet hero.

So, I’m sorry I don’t have patterns for you (yet), but now at least, you have the secret to every head I make.

Oh,  and I sold my first hero. It didn’t even have the chance to go on Etsy. Actually, I didn’t even have the time to take a good picture and it was sold.

I worked SO hard on this Wonder Woman, but it was worth it (I think). I’ll take better pictures this weekend before it goes home to its new mom and you’ll see them in a future post about attaching hair and working with tiny details.

And finally, it’s been awhile since I made a good tv recommandation, so I’ll give you 2.

1: Scandal. It’s extremely dramatic (hello Shonda Rhimes), but it’s also very good.

2: Parks and recreation (Parks and rec pour les intimes). It’s funny, light, dumb and awesome.

See you next week internet friends!



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